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Rethink Robotics Forum

The Rethink Robotics Forum is a place to find an answer, get ideas, and share with the Rethink Robotics user community.

Sign up for the Rethink Robotics online community here: forum. Browse through the forum posts to see if other Rethink Robotics users have had a similar question, or start a new post to get an answer from the Rethink Community.

The Forum is also where the latest Intera Software downloads are available.

Submit a Ticket for Support

If you have an issue or would like to engage with Rethink Robotics Support to discuss your applications, create a support request, click here. Create a log-in profile or use a Google or Microsoft credential to log in. Help tickets can be tracked through this system.

Alternatively, you can email us at for help.


Visit the Downloads section of the Rethink Robotics Forum to download the latest release of Intera and associated documentation.

Software Update

Follow the steps below to update the robot software:

  1. Download the software update files from the page linked in the Downloads section above.
  2. Save the files at the top level of a FAT 32 formatted USB.
  3. Connect the drive to one of the 4 USB ports available of the robot controller.
  4. Update the software from the robot UI. See the System section of the Head Screen Menu page for instructions.

When updating from the SDK version of software, additional steps are required. See the Software Update page on the Intera SDK Wiki for instructions.

Intera 5 Error Messages

Error Message List PDF

Contact Us

Customers can also email or call +49 6764 90 22 693 for support.