Send Email on Error

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The email on error feature allows a remote user\supervisor to receive an email with the workspace snapshot from the head camera when the robot stops on error. This tutorial shows an example of using the workspace snapshot with the catch error node and a gmail account..

Test with Gmail account:

  1. Ensure that the outside port of the robot is connected to a network with internet.
  2. Select send email and save locally option in the Head camera behavior on error settings.
  3. Set up the email configuration, an example using a gmail account is:
    Send Email on Error Settings.jpeg
    If you use a Gmail account as was done in this example, you need to configure it to allow less secure apps, see here. Please make sure to also enable the required functionality by completing the “Captcha Enable” challenge. Without this, less secure connections probably would not work.
  4. Create a basic task.
  5. Add a throw error node to generate an error.
    Send Email on Error Example.png
  6. Run the task.
  • The task execution would follow this sequence:
  1. Throws an error.
  2. The head turns toward the active endpoint.
  3. The head camera takes a picture.
  4. Sawyer sends the picture to the user over an email, the snapshot can also be seen in the workspace snapshot gallery.