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How to Access the Rethink Online Training Portal

Click here to self-signup. Please use the code provided below to register.


Rethink Training Portal Picture.jpg

Rethink Robotics is excited to offer a free online training portal that includes:

  • Guided, self-paced training
  • Track your own progress along the way
  • Instructor led videos
  • Hands-on, step-by-step tutorials
  • Course evaluation
  • Certificate of completion

The Core Courses included in the program include:

  • Intera Basics: An introductory course for novice users who are getting started with Intera. This course will provide a foundation of knowledge to build on to take steps towards deploying Sawyer.
  • Intera Essentials: This is an intermediate course that continues to develop Intera skills. It dives deeper into the core features of Intera including Signals, Vision, Patterns, and Force behaviors. After attending this course, Intera users will be able have the tools to begin deploying robots.