End of Arm Tooling

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End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) refers to any device that is attached to the end of the robot's arm that allows the robot to interact with parts in the environment and assists in the completion of a task. End of arm tooling may vary greatly between applications depending on the parts being handled and the actions the robot is required to perform. Rethink Robotics offers two different types of EOAT (specifically grippers): and electric parallel gripper and a vacuum gripper. Custom end of arm tooling can also be attached to the robot.

The information provided on and linked from this page will describe how to attach and configure different End of Arm Tooling. EOAT must be properly installed and configured within the robot in order to ensure maximized performance and repeatability.

Sawyer Tool Plate

The Sawyer's tool plate is designed per the ISO 9409-1-40-4-M6 standard bolt pattern. An Adapter Tool Plate can be added to the robot in order to allow for the attachment of standard Rethink Robotics grippers. The images below show the standard Sawyer Tool plate as well as the adapter for standard Rethink Robotics Grippers.

Sawyer Tool Plates.png

Standard Tool Plate Dimensions

Tool Plate Dimensions.png

Adapter Tool Plate with 4 bolts weighs 155g.

Legacy Gripper Kits

Rethink Robotics offers two different types of legacy grippers that are designed to communicate with robots in the Rethink Robotics family to allow for picks and places to be created. The two available options are the electric parallel gripper and the vacuum suction cup gripper. Instructions for unpacking and installing the two different legacy grippers are located inside the gripper packaging, but this information can also be found below in the pages linked below.

Required Hardware

  • 3mm Allen (Hex) Wrenches

Attach the Gripper Adapter Plate

Mount the gripper Adapter Plate on Sawyer's Training Cuff to adapt the legacy grippers to fit on the end of Sawyer's arm.

Sawyer Tool Plates.png

The plate is keyed so that it will only fit on the Training Cuff in one orientation.

S33 Keyed BGAP.JPG

Four bolts are included to mount the plate. Use the 5mm Allen wrench to tighten the four bolts.

S33 Mount BGAP.JPG

Electric Parallel Gripper Installation

Electric Parallel Gripper Guide

Vacuum Array Gripper Installation

Vacuum Array Gripper Guide