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This tutorial shows how to connect Sawyer to Intera Studio on your computer.


  • Intera Studio - The Tool or Screen used to access Sawyer when not at the robot.
  • Head Screen - The Screen on Sawyer used to see the user interface.
  • Head Screen Menu - The circular menu that appears when the Rethink button is pressed.
  • Info Menu Option - One of the choices in the Head Screen Menu.
  • About Pane - A window that displays information about Intera, the robot, controller and networking.
  • Navigator - A set of buttons and a knob on the arm and on the back of the robot.
  • Scroll Knob - A knob on the Navigator that scrolls by turning and selects by pressing the knob.
  • Rethink Button - A button on the Navigator with the Rethink Robotics logo.
  • Task - A sequence of nodes that represent Sawyer's behavior.
  • Behavior Editor - A representation of the Task in two dimensions. It looks a bit like a tree.
  • Tree - A representation of the Task.
  • 3-D View - A simulation of the robot in it's environment. It is interactive.
  • Node - A single block that represents one of Sawyer's behaviors.

How to Connect Sawyer to Intera Studio

1. Plug one end of a straight-through CAT5 or CAT6 networking cable into the RJ-45 port outside Sawyer's controller.


2. Plug the other end of the cable into your computer.


3. Press the Rethink Button on one of Sawyer's Navigators to display the Head Screen Menu.


4. Using the Navigator Scroll Knob, select the Info menu option. Note Sawyer's IP address in the About pane.

Head_Screen_Menu Robot_IP_Address

5. Turn off your computer's Wifi.

6. Open Google Chrome and enter Sawyer's IP address in the Browser address window, followed by colon (:), followed by the port number: 3000 and press the Enter key.


7. Intera Studio appears in a split screen view with the Behavior Editor on the left and the 3-D View on the right.


8. Click the Tree button in the Top Bar to display just the Tree.


9. To start a new Tree, select the Intera Studio menu and select New, then Basic Task.

Intera_Studio_Menu Select_New Basic_Task

10. To connect to the robot, select OK in Intera Studio and Grant in the Head Screen on Sawyer.

Request_Control_OK Request_Control_Grant

11. Sawyer is now connected to Intera Studio and ready to start a new Task.

Best Practices

  • A network switch is not required when Sawyer is connected directly to your computer.
  • Use a straight-through cable to connect Sawyer to your computer.
  • Use Google Chrome to access Intera Studio, not Internet Explorer.


  • If your computer is not connecting to Intera Studio, check that:
  • A straight-through cable, not a crossover cable, is used.
  • You are using the Chrome browser, not Internet Explorer.
  • Clear the History in Chrome, close the browser and try again.