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The Applications page provides many example cases of typical applications. It includes application videos, analysis of the key task elements, and guidance on best practices. Each application has a task export available for download to enable users to re-create, re-use, re-purpose, or expand upon to rapid deploy in similar manufacturing tasks.

Core Applications

Packaging-1-small.png PACKAGING Packing cases, packaging parts and materials, and stacking layers for different types of products and containers.
Inspection-small.png TEST AND INSPECTION Multi-point inspection with a single camera, force measurement sensing.
CNC-small.png CNC MACHINING Loading/unloading CNC machines; support varied cycle times and finishing operations, increase uptime, and lower scrap rates.
Loading-Unloading-small.png LOADING AND UNLOADING Moving parts to and from tables, cases, conveyors, fixtures and more, maintaining counts and re-orienting parts.
Molding-small.png MOLDING OPERATIONS Tending injection molding machines; reduce cycle times increase machine time utilization and reduce errors.
ECM-Automation-small.png PCB HANDLING AND ICT Tending circuit board testers; move and manipulate delicate components throughout the process.
Machine-Tending-small.png METAL FABRICATION Tending press brake machines; improve worker safety and satisfaction, increase productivity, improve quality.

Packaging-1-small.png Packaging


1.0 Location

Example basic packaging task from a static position into a box.

1.1 Vision

Example consumer goods packaging task using a vision detection pick and pattern place into a box.
Packaging 1.3.JPG

1.3 Layers Using Variables

Example plastics packaging task with layers of parts packed into a tote separated by a divider. Uses variables for simple logic.

Loading-Unloading-small.png Line Loading/Unloading

Application Video Montage