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New (Alt+N) creates a new task on the robot. There are three options to select:

  • Basic Task- A basic task includes common nodes to start a task with an initialization sequence and an infinite task loop. This is generally what all tasks need to get started.
  • RPS Task- A basic task that also includes an initialization sequence with landmarks for re-registering to the workspace plus an infinite task loop.
  • Blank Task- A blank task that includes only a Parallel node to start a task

There is also an option to start the task with all devices and tools stored on the robot on or off.

  • Toggle On- Every device that has been used on the robot will appear within the new task
  • Toggle Off- No devices or tools will be included in the new task. Only devices and tools that the user connects and configures will be in the specific task.

New Task.png


Open (ctrl+o) allows users to open and manage tasks stored on the robot. Click on the header to sort by name (1-#, A-Z), when the task was created, or last modified for convenient access to task files.

Open Task.png

Deleting Individual or All task files:

  • Individual tasks can be deleted by clicking on the trash can.
  • When a file (or all files) is deleted, a window will open to ask for confirmation.
Are You Sure You Want To Delete Task.pngAre You Sure You Want To Delete ALL.png

Save and Save As

  • Save (ctrl + s)- saves the current task on the robot
  • Save As- save the current task with new name on the robot
Save Task.png

Export Task

  • Export Current Task - downloads the open task to the user's computer
  • Export All Tasks- downloads the entire library of tasks stored on the robot to the user's computer

Export All or Current Task.png

Exported tasks will be saved to the user's computer per the web browser's settings. Typically, the file will appear on the bottom bar or in the downloads folder of the computer. If exporting the current task, a file with the task name and .rethink file extension is saved. If exporting all tasks, a zip file containing all of the individual *.rethink files is saved.

Export Chrome Download Bottom Bar.png

Import Task

When selecting Import Task the user will be prompted to navigate to the folder on the computer where task file(s) are stored.

Import Task.png

Click Open. The user has the opportunity to create a new name for the task. After clicking Import, a Task import successful notification will pop up on the bottom of the Intera Studio screen. Task files have a .rethink file extension.

Import Task New Name.png

Import Templates

  • Import Templates from the user's computer. Templates have a .json file extension.
Import Templates.png

After selecting import, the user will return to Intera Studio. To access the imported templates library click on the Templates icon in the Node Palette. Choose a template to open. When a template opens it will be a child of the node that is currently selected in the behavior tree.

  • Rethink Robotics Templates can not be deleted from the Template library.
  • Custom templates created by users can be deleted in the Template library by selecting the template name and then clicking on the trash can on the top right hand of the window.
Delete Template.png

Export Templates

  • Export Templates - Export current or export all Templates to the user's computer
  • Template files will download to the computer with a .json file extension.
Export All or Current Task.png


About displays the IP address, software version, controller and robot serial numbers, and robot usage (hours).

Studio Menu About.png


Use this dialog box to change the basic settings of Intera, including which language is used, units of measurement, time, speed, etc.

Studio Menu Settings.png

Intera currently supports metric and English units.

Current available languages are:

  • English
  • 中文 (Chinese)
  • 日本語 (Japanese)
  • Deutsche
  • Español
  • Français
  • 한국어 (Korean)

Note: Be careful changing to another language. The new language must be understood in order to change settings and revert to the original language if necessary.


Access the Online User Guide (must be connected to the internet) or the locally stored user guide .pdf file.

Studio Menu Help.png

Export Logs

  • Export Logs downloads log data from the robot to your computer.
Studio Menu Export Logs.png

Lock and Unlock Robot

Lock Robot - Toggle between locking and unlocking Sawyer. This feature helps prevent unauthorized personnel from tampering with the tasks stored on the robot. If locked, users can only restart a task, continue a task, clear errors and reset task data, display stats information, or shut down/reboot the robot. Tasks cannot be created, modified or changed.

Lock Robot.png

Robot must be accessed by Intera Studio to Unlock the robot.

Studio Menu Unlock Robot.png

Unlock Robot.png