Signals Panel

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The Signals Panel is used to configure and manage external signals that are communicating with the Robot through connected devices. For more information on connecting a device visit the Device Editor Page.

Full screen point signals.png

Inside the Panel

Initially the Signals Panel will populate with all of the inputs and outputs for each of the individual devices that were specifically configured in the Device Editor. In the screenshot below, there are 16 signals populated in the signals panel. This is typical for every new Sawyer robot because the Moxa e1212 IO device that is located within the Controller that has 8 inputs and 8 outputs, and is pre-configured in the Intera Software.


To edit a signal, click on the specific signal to open the Edit Signal page. On this page, one can change the signal name and default value.


Next Steps - Configuring an IO Device

To setup an IO device, see Device Editor