Editing a Behavior Tree Using the Robot Screen

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Modify a Move To Node

Select the Move ToMoveTo 5 1.png node to modify using the Navigator Selector Knob.

Robot Screen Edit Move To Node.png


Select the parameter that you want to edit.

Robot Screen Edit Move To Node Settings.png

Example: Changing the Joint Speed Ratio.

Robot Screen Edit Move To Node Settings Joint Speed.png


Test will move the robot in the work space to the node selected. The screen will ask for confirmation.

Robot Screen Edit Test.png

Update Arm Pose

Move the robot to the new location and the select Update Arm Pose. The screen will ask for confirmation.

Robot Screen Edit Update Arm Pose.png


Robot Screen Edit Delete.png


Robot Screen Edit Nudge Steps.png
  1. Select Frames Nudge Select Frame.png to choose or change the relative frame. The default frame is the active end point frame.
  2. Press the square button on the Navigator to adjust the increment value. The default value is 5mm.
  3. Scroll to the number potision to change ##.# and select. Scroll the Navigator knob clockwise or counterclockwise to increase or decrease the value. Confirm or Cancel to go back.
    Robot Screen Edit Nudge Position Increments.png
  4. Scroll to check mark Nudge Confirm.png and click the Selector Knob to confirm and update the position. If Confirm is not selected and the back button is selected to back to the Robot Screen, the Nudge position changes will not be saved. This is helpful if the Nudge is unsatisfactorily changed, then exiting will go back to the current position and allow the user to start over.
    Robot Screen Edit Nudge x.png

Edit a Wait Node

Robot Screen Edit Wait Node.png
Robot Screen Edit Wait Node Seconds.png

Any changes must be saved by selecting the check box Wait Node Check Box.PNG.

Edit a Conditional

Some nodes will have a limited set of parameters that can be modified on the Robot Screen. Robot Screen will prompt the user to "Use Studio to edit" when parameters are required to be modified in Intera Studio.

Do If

Robot Screen Edit Do If.png

Loop If

Robot Screen Edit Loop If.png

Edit a Set To Node

Robot Screen Edit Sigal.png
  1. The add a variable select Add Set Variable
    Robot Screen Edit Sigal Add Set Vriable.png
  2. The change or select a variable, scroll to, highlight, and select the current variable.
    Robot Screen Edit Sigal Select Set Vriable.png
  3. This will display a list of all available configured signals. (To create and configure more signals, use Intera Studio Signal panel)
    Robot Screen Edit Variable List.png
    In this case, the mass of the part is set to zero because the part is being placed.
    Robot Screen Edit Set To Variable Toggle True False.png
  4. Select confirm to save.

Edit a Service

Vision Node

Vision 5 1.png Vision Nodes must be edited in Intera Studio

Robot Screen Edit Vision Node.png

Landmark Node

Landmark 5 1.png Landmark Node edits must be done in Intera Studio.

Robot Screen Edit Landmark.png

Reregister a Landmark Through the Robot Screen

  1. You can Re-register a landmark manually by selecting Reregister.
    Robot Screen Edit Landmark Reregister.png
    Robot Screen Edit Landmark Moving To Pose.png
    Robot Screen Edit Landmark Reregister Searching.png
    Robot Screen Edit Landmark Reregister Ready.png
  2. Select REREGISTER to complete the process.

Note: When a Landmark is registering, a progress bar and message will appear on the Robot Display Screen.

Locating landmark Message head screen.png

Copy-Cut-Paste-Delete Nodes

Robot Screen Copy Node.png

  • Copy- Copies the parent node and all children. Name of new node will be "node name-1".
    Robot Screen Copy Node Copy.png
  • Cut- Cuts the parent node and all children.
    Robot Screen Node Cut.png
  • Paste- To paste, highlight the node that the cut/copied node is to be placed after. Press the square button and select paste. Pastes the node in to the behavior tree directly after the currently selected node.
    Robot Screen Paste.png
  • Delete- Deletes the node or the node and all of its children.
    Robot Screen Node Delete.png
    Robot Screen Edit Delete Children.png