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Intera Software

The Power of Software Updates


A great advantage to owning a Baxter or Sawyer robot is that we are continually upgrading the robots' functionality through the power of software releases. Since the launch of Baxter in 2012 and Sawyer in 2015, we have had a number of important software releases. See Software Releases for information about each version of Intera.

What You'll Need

  • Baxter or Sawyer Robot
  • FAT32 formatted USB drive
  • Active Warranty or Software Plan


Each customer who purchases a robot will have access to any new software that we release so long as the warranty is still valid The process for upgrading your robot is very simple. Follow the below steps to upgrade the robot to the latest version of Intera software.

  1. First, verify on the About screen what version of Intera the robot is currently running.
  2. Download the new software release from the Rethink FTP site. (If you do not have access to the FTP site, please Contact Rethink Support for more information)
  3. Follow the steps on the READ ME First document in the downloaded software folder to properly format and upload the software to your USB.
  4. On the robot, navigate to Main Screen > Settings > Advanced > Update Software.
  5. Insert the USB device that includes the software upgrade, and wait for the robot to recognize the device.
  6. Select the version of software you want to install.
  7. When upgrading to Intera 3.2 or later, the robot will first export all tasks on to the USB drive. (if there is not enough space on the USB drive, the update will fail)
  8. Select Yes Continue in the confirmation dialog. A status screen appears as the software loads.
  9. When the software finishes installing, the robot will automatically reboot.

A list of Intera software releases can be found here.

Next Steps

Software Releases

Release - v3.3.0